03 October 2014

Ayam Goreng or The Best Fried Animal Ever (maybe)


It comes in many forms: Southern fried, Mamak fried, nasi daun pisang fried etcetera. But of all these forms of fried chicken, the only one that makes me keep coming back for more is the Ayam Goreng Kunyit.

And all hail the Seal of Great Ayam Goreng

It is probably the simplest form too: turmeric powder, salt, maybe a touch of pepper. That is it.
I remember when I used to watch my mother fry it when I was younger. She always complains about frying chicken because it takes so long. So I used to think that frying chicken was a tedious, time consuming affair. But no more.

Learning cooking has taught me simple basics to get the best ayam goreng. It is a simple straightforward affair.

Cut the chicken into smaller pieces so it cooks evenly. Then pat it dry before mixing in the turmeric and salt.

Dried chicken will cook better and faster because energy isn't wasted evaporating excess moisture. That's why mom took a long time to cook fried chicken; because the chicken pieces were always wet.

Moisture also prevents the chicken from getting that all imporant golden brown color and the crispy skin.

Those micro bubbles indicating crispiness only comes when the chicken is fried properly.
So dry your chicken before frying (or really, any sort of recipe that asks for crispy, browned skin). And make sur ethe oil is at a correct temperature. Too cool then the chicken ends up soaking oil, turning stodgy.

Ayam Goreng Kunyit
Wings, turmeric, salt, a touch of pepper, really hot oil


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