23 October 2014

Stop Mocking Chefs


Every so often I see, hear or witness people mocking chefs, restaurants and the food they get there. Now I don't mind legitimate complaints especially if it has to do with the quality (note: QUALITY) of food and service.

But I've seen and heard too many people mocking chefs and chef-driven or prepared food. They mock the portions (even though they order starters, mains, side dishes AND dessert AND God knows how many drinks) as being 'tiny and not filling' or they mock the presentation skills of the chef, or they claim they either make it themselves and not pay the chef or they shouldn't have paid a certain amount for that food.

Please lah. If everyone can do what chefs do, there wouldn't be shows like Masterchef (eleh korang tengok kan pastu teruja kan) or Top Chef. Celebrity chefs wouldn't exist. Good food, revolutionary food and innovation in food wouldn't exist.

Sea scallops, Bell-Pepper Sauce, Ikura, Mesclun Mix, Calamansi-Gula Melaka Vinaigrette. One of my signature dishes.

Stop mocking chefs. Of all kinds.

Like with any profession we go through years, YEARS of training and learning and fucking up and falling down and learning again to be where we are or where we want to be. Stop mocking the culinary arts profession as if it's 'lowly'. Half of you couldn't do what we could do on a daily basis. Stop questioning why the food is priced that way: reality check, you're not just paying for the food. You're paying for the experience, the skill, the service, the damn rental and overheads of the place. Ingat Chef ni tak payah untung ke? 

Let's put it this way lah: when you need to give your kid an innoculation shot, or you need to have that weird boil on your back checked out, do you go to the doctor or the drug addict on the street? When your car breaks down would you rather a trained mechanic or some hobo come and fix your car?

I am most definitely worth it. Harumph.


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