14 November 2015

Uovo in Raviolo: Mari Buat Pasta


After watching the contestants on Masterchef USA make 'uovo in raviolo' [egg yolk ravioli], I said "Fuck it. I have to make them too." I just loved the idea of a liquid egg yolk in a ravioli.

First I needed pasta dough. I've made pasta dough before but this recipe is the best one I've used: Classic Fresh Egg Pasta from Seriouseats.com.

If you've never made fresh pasta before and you really suka stuff like pasta with carbonara or bolognese then seriously give it a try. It's quite easy and worth it.

This is a ball of pasta DOH!

Once the dough is made, I rested it for about 3 hours. This step is crucial for a really springy, pliable pasta dough. Then divide it into two balls and lightly roll it flat first with a rolling pin.

Kemek-kemekkan sikit.

Once it's about half an inch thick, I ran it through the pasta machine. Start at the '0' setting. I rolled it twice through at each setting (i.e. twice at '1', '2'...) until it became a thin sheet of pasta. I stopped at setting number '7'.

Kecik je doh ni...

Tapi makin panjang..

And nipis..

Well, fuck. 

Keep in mind the sheet gets longer and thinner with each run through the machine. Hold onto it so it doesn't break or... er, fall to the floor. Kalau panjang sangat potong la dua dough tu.

If you're not using the extra pasta, just roll it back up and keep it frozen
At this point, when it's thin enough, you can actually turn it into spaghetti ke, fettucine ke or cut it into wide strips for papardelle or lasagna.

Fresh spaghettini
But I wanted to make the ravioli. So I cut out circles with a cookie cutter. Pandai-pandai adjust size; I had to roughly budget the size of the egg yolk once it was inside.

Once dah potong bulat-bulat, I cracked an egg and eeeever so gently dropped an egg yolk onto the pasta. Once the egg yolk is on, sprinkle some salt and pepper on top.

Wipe the edges with water, and close it with the other piece of cut pasta. Slowly bind the edges together. Don't let any air bubbles get caught in the ravioli. So there, it's all sealed.
Now all I had to do was cook it in some salted boiling water. Fresh pasta cooks really really quickly; I put mine in for about 30 - 45 seconds. Even that I thought was too long.

But it worked, of course. The yolks weren't as runny as I wanted, but the taste was superb, especially with a drizzling of brown butter and some shavings of grana padano cheese.

Btw, you can make any ravioli you like. Just change up the fillings je.

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