20 June 2014

Ramly 'Sliders'


Overcooked, Ramly burgers are nasty. The thin patties turn into stupid ovals no matter how much you press onto them, and they'll end up dry, with the texture of dessicated haemorrhoids (not that I've tasted any haemorrhoids, but whatever).

But done right, nothing else can quite hit the spot like that Ramly burger. Seriously. But at home, I normally don't take the whole Ramly special route. You know what I do?

First, I take TWO patties, and defrost them slightly so they're brittle, but not soft. In a food processor, blitz the patties into rough chunks. Pour it out, and form them into one circular patty. Sorry I don't have photos of them raw. But it's important to NOT handle them a lot.

Make sure the patty is slightly wider in diameter compared to the buns you're serving them with; allow about 1cm extra. Why? Because burgers shrink, so you gotta take that into account. Put them in the chiller while you prepare the bun however you see fit.

So now it's time to cook the patty. Season the patty with salt and black pepper. Get a skillet smoking hot; as soon as you see smoke rise, gently place the patty in and LEAVE IT FOR ABOUT 3 MINUTES. This will help develop a crust.

sizzle, sizzle!

After that 3 minutes are up, flip the patty. Cook for another 3 minutes again, on high heat.

crunchy, crusty beefy patties :D

You'll end up with crunchy crusty patties with a moist, juicy, medium rare interior. I don't care about eating Ramly burgers medium rare, though some might puke at the idea.

melt some cheese on top for some 'tang', and also for deposit for an arterial sclerosis

I finished my burger with some cheap cheese because nothing works better on a burger. But on another day, I'll have caramelized onions and Habanero sauce along with the cheese.

look, my patties are nicely aligned with the buns.

see how, with some effort, you can make even the crappiest food look nice? :)

crunchy exterior. juicy interior. best. Ramly burgers. ever.

Oh and my burger joint?

Think along the same lines, but with better, higher quality ingredients.



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  1. sy suka slice-dua burger sy pastu masak dua-dua sides smpai garing sikit then letak oyster sauce, masak lagi warkh sedapnyaaa