09 July 2014

Prawns & Peas, Savoury and Sweet

In an effort to avoid getting rusty as a formally-trained chef, I'm going to kick-start this blog back and start cooking restaurant food again. Malaysian food is fantastic, but there's always a soft spot in my heart for those hoity-toity plates of fine dining. Besides, this would be good practice. I'm not giving up my training, ever.

Prawns & Peas
Gently cooked prawns in garlic infused olive oil, sweet pea puree, fresh local mango, pickled bunashimeji, candied cili padi, crispy bacon, soy reduction


  1. Couldn't find good prawns. Had to use these crappy ones.
  2. Next attempt should use a smaller plate
  3. Candied cili padi is actually quite interesting!
  4. This works as a small, pre-starter.

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