09 July 2014

Surf and Turf

Surf and Turf is usually a steak with some sort of seafood served alongside. More often than not, it's lobster. But I've seen restaurants getting away with serving regular shrimp and even scallops as 'surf and turf', so yea.

Today for iftar I played a bit with the theme and made a 'lauk' version of Surf and Turf. End result was pretty tasty. Eat with hot white rice.

Surf and Turf
Crispy beef bacon, prawns, bunashimeji mushrooms, diced yellow onion, chilli, chives and a dash of worcester sauce and black pepper. All stir-fried til borderline caramelized and crisp in a hot wok.

  1. Perhaps a different mix of mushrooms would provide a nice variety of textures.
  2. Again, get better prawns!
  3. A dash of hot sauce (preferably Tabasco's Habanero Pepper Sauce) would work wonders in this.

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